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Hi! My name is Rafa and I specialise in wedding photography.

I am based in Co. Kerry and have been documenting the happiest moments of people's lives all around Ireland and abroad since 2010.

To me, family is everything and this is why I love to photograph weddings so much! On this special day family comes first and my role is to capture all your and your guests’ wonderful emotions. My documentary style means that each photograph is a lovely memento, which will bring back the joy of your Wedding Day in years ahead.

I am a discreet photographer, who will work in the background and most of the time you will not even notice I am around. When needed, I will step in and take initiative to make sure that all important details and moments are captured.

I come prepared to work. You will not see me wondering around not sure what to do. I have detailed plan of events for each wedding I attend and with a decade of experience,

I know exactly what to do and there to be, to capture the magic of your special day.

And finally, I appreciate that for many couples this is quite a stressful day. Whenever we speak on that day, you will find great support in me and a good sense of humour. I have taken part in more than enough weddings to understand what is important and everything I do is with the bride and groom in mind.

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